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The makeover: It absolutely inspires me. Improvement and response. Thrilling. At three years old I was obsessed with the hair of my “Tootie” doll. This miniature doll, packaged in a plastic cameo, had a tiny body and very long hair. It was perfect for little hands to hold and style. I spent hours on that thing, bobby pins everywhere. Later I graduated to my sister’s Barbie dolls. You could do more with clothing for them because they had full figures for which you could create tissue paper and Scotch tape fashions, complete with stickpin earrings.

I began doing my own makeovers in junior high. As early as eighth grade I gave Kelly Wall bangs, in the driveway between my neighbor Sandy’s house and mine. Sandy was the recipient of more than a few makeovers, and even my high school sweetheart allowed me to do her makeup, style her hair, and choose the pattern for her prom dress.

After graduating from high school I moved on to a private liberal arts college, where I pursued my love of music and theater. I made extra money cutting hair and spent free time doing mini-makeovers. After spending a few years “in theater,” I went to beauty school.

Upon graduating I moved to California “to seek my fame and fortune.” After living the “reality” that is Los Angeles and the expense that is San Francisco, however, I moved back to Minneapolis where I opened the Christopher Hopkins Salon. Located in the KSTP Studios Hubbard Building, we were responsible for the looks of the ABC affiliate’s on-air talent. I also performed makeovers regularly on a popular daytime talk show, “Good Company.” After relocating to downtown Minneapolis with the new name, Christopher Hopkins Image Center (CHIC,) I got a call from The Oprah Winfrey Show for my first major international makeover segment telling people “what not to wear.” I returned years later to create one of Oprah’s “Age Defying Makeovers.”

In 2000, our company was renamed reVamp! salonspa, and is now located in the trendy “Uptown” area of Minneapolis

As “The Makeover Guy ®,” my mission is to help people realize their ultimate image. My first book, “Staging Your Comeback, A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45,” published in 2008, has helped improve the looks and the lives of thousands and is, to date, one of my proudest accomplishments. The book tour took me all over the country where I appeared on several TV shows including The Today Show.

Creation of human physical beauty is what I do. I love the process. It borders on obsession. A friend put it into perspective. She said, “Christopher doesn’t see women for what they should be, he sees women for who they can be.” I think that says it all.

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