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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you offer makeover services and, if so, where do you offer them and how much are they?
A: Yes. Prices vary depending on which services and with whom those services are created. You can call 612 341 0404 for more exact pricing.
Q: What’s included in a makeover?
A: Check out this link to the reVamp! salonspa services page which can give you an idea of our different makeover packages.
Q: How do you get a makeover with “The Makeover Guy?” and where are you located ?
A: We are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and you just call 612 341 0404 and make an appointment.
Q: How long are you booked out?
A: It can vary week to week. Call reVamp! salonspa at 612 341 0404 and the front desk can give you a more definite answer.
Q: Do you know anyone in my area who does what you do?
A: I do not know of anyone else who offers what we do. They’re out there, of course! I’m just not familiar with anyone.
Q: Do you travel and do makeovers?
A: No, I do not.
Q: I need help and would like your input but I am on a budget and cannot get to you.
A: I recommend reading the book “Staging Your Comeback, A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45.” It offers all my inspiration and information on how to look and BE your best at any age. Also check out my “Power of Pretty®” video series. They may have some insight that can assist you. 


The Power of Pretty® Advice

Personal Style Quiz: Discovering Your Image Profile

You are a unique spirit and have your own idea about what makes you happy when you look in the mirror. One fun way to characterize who you are by how you look is through the process I call image profiling. Image profiling allows you to determine a consistent image objective. The first step in this assessment is to determine how you want to be perceived in relation to who you are. To be who you are and let people see who you are. Through this process, you will more easily achieve your unique expression of beauty.

As you go through the assessment, answer these questions according to the way you’d like to seen by others. Perhaps how you’ve been dressing represents more of the old you rather than the person you’ve become. Take a moment to really think about it and be honest. We are all becoming. Some of us are happy with how we are seen, and some of us might want to start anew. It might just be about letting go of old patterns of self-image.

Your Image Profiling Quiz

1. If you could be given one honest compliment it would be:

  1. You look like you have it all together.
  2. You are so comfortable to be with.
  3. You’re very sweet and kind.
  4. You are stunning!
  5. You’re quite unique and interesting.
  6. What a sexy woman!

2. Your idea of makeup is:

  1. Understated and balanced
  2. Little or none
  3. Soft and pretty
  4. Glamorous and dramatic
  5. Whatever strikes you at the moment
  6. Alluring, glossy, and enticing

3. If you were to wear one signature outfit that captured “you” it would be:

  1. A classic suit with a beautiful silk blouse
  2. Jeans and a t-shirt
  3. A soft flowing cotton dress
  4. A long black straight skirt, a brightly colored blouse, and eye-catching accessories
  5. I don’t categorize myself
  6. Something that shows off my great legs and cleavage

4. Assuming you had no figure flaws and wanted to make a splash at a cocktail party you would wear:

  1. That perfect little black dress with pearls
  2. A comfortable slack and tunic combo
  3. A soft velvet dress with pretty strappy sandals
  4. A stunning turtleneck sheath, stilettos and dramatic jewelry
  5. A vintage lace jacket, a bustier and palazzo pants
  6. A perfectly revealing silk slip-dress and sexy shoes

5. It’s your class reunion. It’s casual, but you’re in perfect shape. You would wear:

  1. A classic tailored dress slacks, a crisp cotton blouse, and matching shoes and belt
  2. Khakis and a comfortable top
  3. A pretty, casual sundress
  4. An off-the-shoulder blouse, slim pants, and great makeup
  5. An interesting bohemian-inspired ensemble and that unusual bracelet you found on vacation
  6. A cleavage-revealing knit blouse, fitted jeans, and sandals

6. Assuming your hair and face were right for it, your idea of a great hairstyle would be:

  1. A perfect classic bob updated but appropriate
  2. Casual, easy, no muss, no fuss
  3. Beautiful, healthy, long, flowing hair
  4. Pulled back dramatically into a chignon
  5. A unique style no one else is doing
  6. Full, tousled, wild and sexy

7. You’re having a dress made for a fabulous special event. That dress is going to be in what color?

  1. A classic primary
  2. A nice neutral
  3. A soft pastel
  4. Black
  5. An unusual off-color
  6. Red

8. Your choice of jewelry to wear with it is:

  1. A beautiful pin with matching earrings
  2. Your metal hoops
  3. Pearls
  4. Bold stunning earrings
  5. That interesting antique broach from the flea market
  6. Sparkly drop earrings

9. Which words would you like to describe you most?

  1. Elegant, sophisticated, classy, refined, tasteful
  2. Modest, down-to-earth, informal, relaxed, natural
  3. Pretty, feminine, enchanting, sweet, lovely
  4. Glamorous, distinctive, captivating, stunning, theatrical
  5. Unique, original, hip, cool, inventive
  6. Alluring, tempting, sexy, enticing, hot

10. With which celebrity’s style do you most identify?

  1. Diane Sawyer
  2. Lauren Hutton
  3. Jane Seymour
  4. Sela Ward
  5. Diane Keaton
  6. Goldie Hawn

The Six Basic Image Profiles

Now you’re ready to tally up your score. You may find you’re equally matched across two or more profiles. That’s to be expected. Rarely are any of us easily pegged into one category. But the point is to find one or possibly two profiles that best describe how you’d like to be perceived.

If you’ve circled mostly A, you’re a Classic.
If you’ve circled mostly B, you’re a Casual.
If you’ve circled mostly C, you’re a Romantic.
If you’ve circled mostly D, you’re a Dramatic.
If you’ve circled mostly E, you’re an Innovative.
If you’ve circled mostly F, you’re an Alluring.

The Classic Profile

Classic Image Profile | The Makeover Guy®

The Classic is timeless and prefers balanced and unfussy looks.

There is a good reason this type is called Classic. A Classic is timeless, always appropriate and in good taste. You enjoy looking elegant and sophisticated. Nothing too flashy or gaudy for you. You are a woman of traditional, neat, and elegant attire. Once you found your look, you kept it. You avoid change. One of your favorite phrases might be, “I don’t care about trends; I like a classic and timeless look.” Feeling pulled together appeals to you more than being all the rage.

Your hair stands the test of time. It is unlikely you’ve had several new looks over the years, preferring to stick with what works. And what works for you is neat, clean, updated yet classic styles, which balance your features and figure. When you’ve found your perfect cut and color you stick with it only changing in weak moments of feeling dull. Soon you return to the comfort of a timeless style that reflects your pleasure in looking appropriate.

Your makeup tends to be understated; you prefer a look that is balanced and appropriate. You are careful and conscientious about application, carrying your essentials in your purse for touch-ups during the day. When you buy a new lipstick you are likely to discover you have several at home in a very similar shade.

You want your clothes tailored, smart and stylish. You probably buy quality over quantity. Neutrals, such as black, taupe, navy, and gray appeal to you, often accented by colors that you know look good on you. (You DO know – you’ve already figured it out). You prefer quality fabrics and textures in silk, cashmere, wool, gabardine, and crepe.

Always tasteful in your choice of accessories, you tend to not mix metals or wear overly large accessories. Your shoes are neither too high nor too flat and are generally appropriate in relation to your ideal skirt length. Your handbag is never shoddy, always in good condition.

People perceive you as in control and on top of things. Your calm demeanor in public gives the appearance that you have it all together. Highly organized, you often end up the person in charge. People look to you for your advice and believe you know of what you speak. You may appear intimidating at times, which suits you as well. You tend to keep others at a distance, until you trust them enough to let them know you better.

You will never go wrong as a Classic image type except perhaps at functions that require creative dress. Even then, you will probably find what’s appropriate for that occasion and do it with style. Sophisticated, timeless, and elegant – you are always in fashion and should have little worries about aging gracefully, for it is the Classic type that does that, like everything she sets her mind to, amazingly well.

Too Classic as you age, however, can rob you of your chance to show the world a side of you they seldom are privy too. It might benefit you to let your hair down a bit and experiment with a look that’s sexy, fun, or just a tad mischievous. Wouldn’t it be nice to see Laura Bush shake it up a bit?

Second Act Classics: Candace Bergen, Diane Sawyer, Meredith Vieira, Katie Couric, Rene Russo

Your image buzzwords: Elegant, smart, sophisticated, traditional, classy, refined, tasteful, well-dressed, neat, chic, stylish, polished, cultured, cultivated, discerning, pulled-together, tailored, and understated.

The Casual Profile

The casual personal style prefers natural and comfortable looks.

The casual personal style prefers natural and comfortable looks.

Relaxed, comfortable, and hassle-free, that’s how the Casual prefers to be. Active and on the go, you want your look to match your informal lifestyle. You prefer to be seen as practical, energetic and fun to be around. You want to look good but don’t like to spend the time it may take to make that happen – often an unsolvable riddle.

Simple, no-nonsense hairstyles appeal to you. You “just don’t have the time to fuss” with complicated hairstyles. Usually short and simple or long and pulled back fits your on-the-go lifestyle best. You are more likely to procrastinate coloring your hair. If you finally do, it is as natural looking as possible – nothing too far from your natural color.

Your makeup leans toward minimal if any, preferring to look freshly scrubbed and clean. You want makeup that you can’t feel or see — as if you were wearing none. Consequently, soft natural lip colors, such as neutral chestnut or mauve blush, and a dried up tube of mascara (for when you “go out”) are what you may find in your makeup drawer.

Casuals tend to shop in the same places, replacing the old with new of the same style. You like smaller prints, if any, and lean toward natural colors with flat smooth textures. Your fabrics of choice are usually wrinkle free, “wash and wear” that require little fuss. Your casual look probably revolves around classic jeans and khakis, along with assorted comfortable tops.

Accessories, if any, tend to be simple and small. A pair of hoops, a set of pearls from graduation, and some special rings you received as gifts may be the sum of your jewelry box. You don’t know what to do with scarves, so you avoid them. Your hats serve a purpose – to keep you warm in cold weather or to hide a bad hair day.

You like to be seen as unpretentious. People tend to like that you are just who you are. Dependable, practical and full of energy, people are at ease when they are with you. You laugh easily, enjoy life, and are usually raring to go. You have more fun in casual settings than formal ones, often avoiding occasions where you have to dress up. However, if you’re not careful, people can perceive the Casual as too careful, guarded, or conservative. Like the Classic, it might be good for you to show some of those hidden colors inside.

The advantage to your style is that creating a natural look is simple. It suits you and is easy to achieve with makeup and hair. However as you age, the requirements for keeping a youthful active appearance are often more than you are willing to deal with. Sporty and casual can be cute under age 25, but from then on, freshly-scrubbed turns more pale and dowdy each passing year. The challenge then is to take the time to look natural, not actually BE natural. Ma Kettle was surely a casual who just didn’t have time to put on her makeup (or find a good bra).

Second Act Casuals: Lauren Hutton, Christie Brinkley, Ellen Degeneres, Jessica Lange, Lily Tomlin

Your image buzzwords: Modest, down-to-earth, practical, sensible, easy-care, natural, informal, relaxed, comfortable, unpretentious, and no-nonsense.

The Romantic Profile

Romantic Image Profile | The Makeover Guy®

The Romantic personal style likes to appear feminine, soft and pretty.

Exactly what the name implies, the Romantic woman loves romance. Feminine, soft, and demure appeals to you like the heroine in a romance novel. Sweet and pretty are words people use to describe you. There is something modest and quiet about your style, but it is unmistakably feminine. You like Victorian anything. Flowing and beautiful clothes appeal to you. You like the feel of fabric brushing across your ankles, thus preferring long dresses to short.

You prefer your hair to be long and flowing or pulled up into a soft up-do. Nothing too stark, short or severe. Hair color leans toward soft chestnut brown, strawberry blondes, or soft natural wheat blondes. Whatever the color, you choose the softer tone. You enjoy the feel of hair and hair accessories. You’ve been known for braids, soft ponytails, and pretty hair accessories.

Your makeup is soft and natural with a radiant and rosy glow. Pale mauves, pinks or peaches attract you in blush and eye colors with soft pastel lips and soft eye makeup. You enjoy playing with makeup and are fond of pretty-smelling, nicely packaged lines of cosmetics. You keep your makeup balanced, and only on rare special occasions will you overly accentuate a certain feature.

As a Romantic, you lean toward more dresses than slacks. Soft sweaters appeal to you over structured jackets. Your clothes often have a “little girl” feel with soft, sheer fabrics: lace, bows and high Victorian necklines. Pristine but approachable, your clothes are the epitome of feminine and proper with an understated sexiness. Soft poet blouses appeal, as do flowing skirts. Your fabrics of choice are silk, velvet, angora, and even taffeta. Your patterns are small and delicate, often in floral or gingham.

Your accessories are minimal. You are drawn to pearls, soft antique flower pins and Victorian brooches. You like lace, gloves, an old cameo or choker, but may collect rather than actually wear them. You may have soft crushable sashes to accentuate your waist and pretty, strappy sandals to enhance your delicate feet – all to complete your charming damsel dressing up image. Wearing a velvet choker or flowers in your hair are just a few ways which set you apart in how you accessorize.

Warm, loving, and soft, Romantics may have trouble being taken seriously and would benefit from a few more tailored pieces when in a position where your authority is needed. Occasionally too “little girlish,” you must be aware to not come across as overly fragile. Your power is in your femininity and sweetness and men are drawn to you, feeling more masculine when with you. You can use that little girl attitude to your advantage to get what you want.

You continue to be very well liked as you age, and there is little more appealing than a soft and pretty grandma. But mid-life is probably challenging for you. Feeling feminine is difficult when you’re fighting facial hair. And at a time when women need the most authority, but often feel it the least, it is the Romantic who is overlooked first. As you age, it’s important to keep your look in check. You would do well to add more Classic sprinkled with romance. An aging extreme Romantic brings visions of Miss Havasham in Great Expectation or Bette Davis in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”

Second Act Romantics: Jane Seymour, Annie Potts, Andie MacDowell, Jean Smart, Amy Irving

Your Image Buzzwords: Pretty, feminine, soft, girlish, enchanting, charming, sweet, fresh, Victorian, lighthearted, demure, and coquettish.

The Dramatic Profile

 Dramatic Image Profile | The Makeover Guy®

The Dramatic wants her look to make a statement.

Blend in? Absolutely not. You like the attention of the spotlight, and it shows in your style. You have a knack for being distinctive and striking. Extremes appeal to you. To appear like everyone else is not an option. Instead you prefer to have your own look, dressing with flair and drama. You like to have “a look” and, consequently, can discover a bit of you in all the types for each type is a role you play, whether Romantic, Classic, Innovative, Alluring, or even Casual.

You like a hairstyle that makes a statement. People often compliment you on your hair because you have taken the time to learn how to do it just right. You want a cut that is “a look,” avoiding trends and opting for a signature style.

You’re one of the rare women who will spend the time necessary to make your hairstyle great. You’ll hold on to “your” hairstyle for years, if necessary, until another that is just right comes along. You take your hairstyle very seriously. It is your look. And you want it to make a statement.

You lean toward Dramatic in your makeup as well. You focus on your best feature, which is usually the eyes, as they express your sense of self. You precisely define them with black or dark brown and are comfortable with several coats of mascara. The more the better. If it looks good on you, your lips can be brilliant red, or you’ll opt for pale and glossy. Nothing too natural.

You avoid trends or fads unless they can be adopted to fit your idea of attractive. Stark, clean, bold, and stylized appeals to you. Dramatics are experts at taking a black turtleneck and slacks and creating a myriad of costumes with scarves, accessories, hats, shawls, dusters, and jackets. You’re drawn to asymmetrical lines and express joy in having a signature look or accessory. Simple lines with a dramatic accessory. That’s your standby. You know your favorite necklines, colors, and skirt styles, and can put them together with your own flair.

You tend to collect interesting accessories and keep them for just the right outfit. You may have antique earrings, a beautiful oriental shawl, or a fabulous off-color pair of shoes you just know will go with the perfect outfit, when you find it. The pursuit of the interesting or magnificent accessory is half the fun. You especially like finding a great deal in the most obscure place. When someone gives you a compliment, you love to tell the story of how you found it. When big earrings are out of fashion, you ignore the trend.

People wish to emulate the Dramatic, but alas, it is a rare type for the work it takes to uphold. But to you it’s worth it. To you, being unique is worth the effort. All this drama, however, can be intimidating to others. They can see you as aloof, insincere, self-absorbed, or pretentious. It’s important to remember to smile just a little more than perhaps is natural just to overcome this obstacle in perception.

Aging can be a challenge for the Dramatic, as softening to her means losing a part of herself. Yet softening the makeup and clothing will ultimately help the Dramatic in her goal of looking stunning. Blacks can be replaced with coffee browns and grays. Those primary jewel tones you love can be taken down one notch. Again, quality pieces with a “less is more” approach will keep you Dramatic and appropriate. It is important to remember as you age to not become a caricature of yourself. Too much drama after a certain age can, well … think Sunset Boulevard.

Second Act Dramatics: Sela Ward, Angelica Houston, Susan Lucci, Oprah Winfrey, Donna Mills

Your Image Buzzwords: Stunning, dazzling, glamorous, gorgeous, distinctive, exquisite, theatrical, striking, eye-catching, sensational, magnificent, savvy, and chic.

The Innovative Profile

The Innovative wants to appear different, offbeat, and atypical.

The Innovative wants to appear different, offbeat, and atypical.

Original, arty, atypical, bohemian. These are just a few words to describe the Innovative’s personal style. You consider yourself first a free spirit, making fashion choices dictated by no rules or boundaries. You are a woman of unique style that is completely your own. You enjoy finds in a flea market or vintage store and rarely, if ever, pay full price, save only for that one PERFECT item you just have to have.

When it comes to your hair, anything as offbeat as possible suits your whimsical approach to hair. Short and spiky with orange and fuchsia streaks. Asymmetrical, overly textured and bleached to platinum. Black, blunt, and Egyptian, or brilliant red and cropped into a “boy cut,” long and frizzy. You may try to grow it out but rarely get it much past your chin, as this is about the time you get bored and ready for a boost of excitement. Wigs and extensions appeal to you.

The Innovative’s makeup is all or nothing. You can be seen absolutely clean faced or done to the hilt. You may be constantly experimenting with dramatic looks for your eyes and are drawn to the most unusual lip and nail colors. Even if they are not flattering, they are fun and, therefore, just the ticket for your fantasy of being your own woman. You think in eras – 80s punk, 40s glamour, 60s psychedelic. From there you create your own look for the day.

You shop on the fly and prefer auctions, second-hand stores, thrift stores, and flea markets. To shop an up-scale department store is so not you. Your clothes are an eclectic mix, from menswear with revealed undergarments to crocheted sweaters with leather. Patterned hosiery, boots, animal prints, fake furs, and fun coats. Usually preferring dark colours, you don’t like “outfits” mostly because you didn’t come up with them yourself. You’d rather mix and match on your own.

Accessories intrigue you, but are often an afterthought. Unlike the Dramatic who thinks accessories first, Innovatives find odd things and add them to your look after the fact. Hip belts, boots, scarves, and fun earrings are your trademark. You’re less into necklaces, unless it’s vintage or very nontraditional. You don’t even OWN a strand of pearls. If you do, you never wear them unless you can, perhaps, hang a gothic pendant from them.

To sum it up, you are just who you are, and no one else. You have fun with life and with your look. You’re happiest being creative and offbeat, and people love to see what you’ll do next. Your independence can be off-putting and, consequently, people’s first impression of you is very different than the person you are inside. You like this however. If they can’t take the time to look past their biases and get to know you, you’re not interested.

The challenge as you age is that it is very easy to look ridiculous. To pull off Innovative over 45, you’re going to need to spend more money doing it. If you’re not the right age for extremes in fashion, you’re treading a fine line between unique and embarrassing. Think Cher. Madonna is a good example of a woman who has pulled together her innovative style and made it work beautifully. To be a gracefully aging Innovative, it takes both money and a gifted eye.

Second Act Innovatives: Diane Keaton, Barbra Streisand, Cher, Whoopi Goldberg, Melissa Etheridge

Your Image Buzzwords: Innovative, original, unusual, atypical, imaginative, creative, unique, off-beat, interesting, distinctive, free spirited, hip, urban, and edgy.

The Alluring Profile

 Alluring Image Profile | The Makeover Guy®

Sexy and captivating, the Alluring personal style loves attention.

All woman – that’s you. You are about being sexy and about your body. Glitzy fabrics, vibrant colours, high sexy heels or fitted jeans, sheer blouses and sexy boots. Your look is about being a woman. You want to keep your body looking as good as possible for a long as you can. You can be obsessed with any figure flaws. Sexy, sensational, and captivating, you ooze excitement.

You would prefer your hair long and tousled. You enjoy vision impairment bangs that you can toss away in a flirtatious moment. Big, full, fun, and sensual describe the hairstyle you like. If it’s short, it’s short and messy. But you add dazzle to it with dangling earrings.

In matters of makeup you are very generous. You like glossy, soft lips and frosted alluring eyes. More is better. Thus you love parties and evening gatherings where you can finally let loose and over do. It’s the perfect time for false eyelashes, and you love them. You avoid neutrals, instead preferring color. Your makeup is done to make you feel sexy. Without it you feel common, a word you especially abhor.

Your clothing is shaped to your body. Revealing necklines and short hem lengths appeal to you, along with fluid, clingy knits, silk and satin. Your color of choice is RED. For holidays, you’ll choose a sequined top and satin slacks or a clinging, low-cut sheath with strappy heels. You tend to spend less money on more clothes, something you should consider changing as you age.

All in all, you’re an exciting woman to be around. Men are drawn to you. Women are less approving, which is fine. You prefer the company of men anyway. Although people perceive you as confident and self-assured, inwardly this is often not the case. Your confidence is often based more on you as a woman than you as a person.

The Alluring type, more than others, tends to opt for cosmetic surgery. To maintain your power as a woman, you need to maintain your face and body as a woman. As you age, it is important to invest in quality over quantity. Cover more and show less. There’s a fine line between tempting and trashy. Peg Bundy comes to mind. A plunging neckline revealing a time worn décolletage can ruin the entire effect. You may still have great legs, but a miniskirt topped with an over-50 face is anything but alluring. This type needs to be most aware of gracefully redefining sexy. At some point you need no longer flaunt it, but present it beautifully packaged.

Second Act Allurings: Goldie Hawn, Morgan Fairchild, Suzanne Sommers, Kim Catrall, Anne Margaret

Your Image Buzzwords: Tempting, captivating, sexy, engaging, mesmerizing, enticing, beguiling, hot, fun, sassy, and sensational.

Your Shadow Image

You probably discovered you fit into more than one image profile. Though you may want consistency, you also want options. Enter the shadow image. Say your primary image is Classic, but you like to turn heads on occasion with an outfit that makes a Dramatic statement. With this scenario, your primary image is Classic, and your shadow image is Dramatic. You’re a Classic/Dramatic. Or say your primary image is Casual, but you like to have an atypical bent to it. Simple. You’re a Casual/Innovative.

The goal is to identify and simplify – to hone in on your core image. Embrace it. Define it. And, if you like, season it with a bit of your shadow image for interest. You may even have two shadow images. Just remember, the goal is to make life easier – to focus on what truly defines you. Beauty is in simplicity.

One more reason to keep it simple is cost. The more images you juggle, the more mismatched outfits, and the more hassle you will have in getting ready. Make your life easier by consistently expressing your ideal personal style. Looking consistently pulled together is easier with a defined image statement – one that you can spout off in your head when you are at the salon or the shopping mall.

So let’s do it. First, choose six words from the image buzz words list at the bottom of your primary image profile. These are the words you will use to describe yourself when telling your hairdresser, makeup person, or retail clothing associate how you like to look. In fact, this can help when buying a car, home, or any décor items – all which should reflect your personal style. List them from your most descriptive to least. If you feel boxed in by just one style, choose two or three words from your shadow personality. If you feel evenly balanced between your Primary Image (PI) and Shadow Image (SI), choose three words from each. If you feel you are more definitely your PI than SI, choose four words from your PI and two words from you SI.


Primary Image (PI) plus Shadow Image (SI) = your Ideal Personal Style.


If your Ideal Personal Style (IPS) is Dramatic and your Shadow Image is Classic, you may define your style as distinctive, striking, dramatic, and glamorous, yet tasteful and elegant. My sister is an evenly balanced Casual/Romantic who is down to earth, casual and easy care, but also soft, pretty, and feminine. If you ended up a Casual/Classic, you might describe yourself as comfortable, natural, relaxed, but pulled together, tailored, and well-dressed. I’m a bit more complicated. Those who know me would agree, I am sure. However, I have a Classic/Dramatic/Innovative personal style. I would prefer my style to be seen as sophisticated and elegant, distinctive and striking, with a nod toward urban and hip.

Before moving ahead, jot down your IPS. You may change and alter it at any time, of course, but we will refer to your IPS throughout the book, and it helps to have it defined before moving forward.

TASK: Write your six buzzwords

My Ideal Personal Style is: __________________________________________________

Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly. ~Epictetus

Now that you’ve defined your IPS, you will find it helps ground your fashion, hair, and makeup choices when in doubt. There is freedom in solidifying a unique identity. Reflecting the authentic you makes feeling “right” easy and a daily pleasure.