The Power of Pretty® and The Feminine Mystique, A Fun Bit Of History

Elizabeth Taylor as CleopatraDid you know that in over 4,000 years of Chinese history only one woman has ever become Emperor? In a country where female babies are aborted, killed or thrown into a dumpster because you only are allowed one, and it better be a boy, well, you can see the significance here. Her name was Wu Tse-Tien. She rose to the thrown of China just as Queen Esther rose to the thrown of Persia. She used the Power of Pretty®.

Wu was not only beautiful, but bright. Ok, maybe she could also be a little ruthless, bitchy and manipulative but that’s not the point. With her beauty, charm and wit she maneuvered behind the scenes so that when the Emperor suffered a crippling stroke – boom! She was made Empress. And here you think you can’t even get your boss to give you a raise.

A couple thousand years earlier in 1520 B.C. a pretty girl named Esther worked her way from a poor orphaned minority to become the Queen of Persia. You see, King Xerxes was irritated with his wife for not dancing naked in front of his friends, so he got rid of her. Then, to find a new one, he gathered all the virgins in the land for auditions. He was not looking for a female genius, or a great athlete, or a hard worker with brains. He was looking for beauty. His demand was so great his “contestants” spent twelve months in beautification just to “spend a night” with him.

In the morning off she’d trot, waiting to see if he called her back for another go. But, out of all the beautiful Persian girls collected for tryouts, Esther was the favorite of Hegai, the girls’ castrated keeper. That guy just had no balls. Anyway, she was also voted Miss Congeniality by the other virgins prepping for their night with the King. So the girls, the boys and the boys-sans-boy-bits were all enamored by her.

Even with her natural beauty, had she not spent a year learning the Power of Pretty® she may have become, instead of a book of the Bible, just another one night stand.

And, remember Cleopatra? When Julius Caesar marched into Egypt in 48 B.C. there was a vicious dispute as to who should become the next ruler. Cleopatra wanted the job but knew if she even tried to text him on her ancient i-parchment the guy who held the coveted position would be very irritated and have her killed, even though it was her little brother.

This 19-year old Egyptian hottie knew that nobody would dare interfere with a gift for Caesar, so a beautiful oriental carpet was sent from her palace to his. When the carpet was unrolled, out popped captivating Cleo, eyeliner perfectly intact, to announce she was the rightful Queen of Egypt. Caesar, who was 54 at the time, fell in love with her beauty, and, thanks to her womanly wiles, become the Queen of Egypt making arm bracelets and eyeliner a fashion statement for centuries to come.

Though great intellect and ability got these women to the door it was their hypnotic appeal that opened it. And that is my dramatically illustrated point. There is great power in the feminine. Women know it. Men know it. Though some women seem to have “it” and some don’t I am here to tell you “it” can be learned, at any age and any stage.

I am not just talking about superficial applied beauty that truly is only skin deep, I’m talking about something more. Something deeper. Something beyond the lip color, mascara and push-up bra. It’s an essence known as charm, and at it’s finest it is called loveliness. We will explore in greater detail that quality of loveliness, so please subscribe to me here, on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter! 

And as always, please share! The more friends and fans the more power I have to bring you more.

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The Makeover Guy® Holidazzle Makeover Sale is ON NOW!

Let me ask you a question.

Would you love a complete makeover?

A makeover that in less than one day would help you:

  1. Restore your hair to your ideal cut, color and style.

  2. Learn little known “visible lift” makeup techniques that you can do yourself.

  3. Discover simple and effective figure flattering solutions for your body type.

Well OF COURSE you can.


You may not know this, but in many salons this service costs over $1,000.00. I did the math. And it wasn’t easy. I hate math. And those prices don’t even include our exclusive silhouette analysis because they don’t offer it.

Even at our own reVamp! salonspa in Minneapolis, you could to pay up to $800.00 for this complete makeover. But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that. In fact, with this Holidazzle special, you or to whomever you wish to give this gift will be transformed by the most recognized makeover teams in the world, for only $450.00*.

Watch what others are saying.

That’s right. You could pay more than double that price at other salons, but for everyone wanting a fresh look I’m going to offer this Makeover Sale with “The Makeover Guy®” for the rock bottom price of only $497.00*.

I’ll be honest. I know no other way. I think everyone deserves to look and feel her absolute best, but not everyone can justify spending money on herself for a makeover. But since we ALL love a good deal. AND THIS IS A REALLY GOOD ONE! Now is the time to snatch up this offer.

Need a little more convincing?  Watch these testimonials.

I know you want to do this. Maybe you’ve seen my youtube videos or subscribe to my newsletters or have joined in the fun on Facebook. Perhaps you’ve wanted a makeover, but something keeps holding you back.


Whether as a gift for yourself, a loved one, or a hint sent to someone who should buy it for you, I can’t think of a better gift than the increased self-esteem, you looking your best plus the pure joy of spending time with our friendly and talented team at reVamp!

But if you’re still not sure, let me sweeten the deal.

Special Bonuses If You Act Now

Free Bonus Gift #1.  Purchase this exciting Holidazzle Makeover deal right now, I’ll throw in my audio book absolutely FREE. That’s worth $39.95 and you cannot buy my audio book from anyone else, anywhere else. PLUS I’ll autograph it personally to YOU (or whomever you want) the day of your COMPLETE BEAUTY REVIVAL.

Free Bonus Gift # 2.  I’m going to throw in our EXCLUSIVE V-Silk Hydrating Hair Therapy ABSOLUTELY FREE! (That costs everyone ELSE $29.00, but not you. No, for you, it’s FREE). This truly amazing hair therapy transforms your hair creating brilliant shine, healthy bounce and an incredibly young feel. PLUS you will take home the maintenance treatment to maintain your healthy hair for over 6 weeks.

100% Money Back Guarantee

I know you’ll be thrilled, ABSOLUTELY thrilled with how you see yourself and the glowing compliments you’ll receive every day. If not, I’ll give you your money back. If you’re not happy with your makeover, I don’t want you to pay for it. So you can totally pretend you hate it, and get the whole thing for free! That’s worth the risk, right?

Of course I know you wouldn’t do that and you know I couldn’t take your money if you weren’t happy. I’m so confident we can make your day that I have no problem backing up this offer with my personal guarantee.

Still not sure?

How About This?

Free Bonus Gift #3. How about I add a free gift bag that includes:

  • V essentials Shampoo 2oz $4.99

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  • V essentials Finishing or Firming Spray 2oz $4.99

  • Hand and Body Silk Lotion 2oz $3.50

  • V-Essential Purse Brush $1.50

  • Magic Facial Cleansing Mitt $15.00

  • $20.00 Off a 60 Minute Massage or Facial

  • $60.00 In Gift Cards to some great Twin Cities Restaurants

That’s worth $115.00 but you will get it with my compliments! You know this is a great deal AND if you order right now you’ll receive:

  • Beautiful custom hair color

  • Custom created haircut and style with me (“The Makeover Guy®”)

  • Designer brow grooming

  • Makeup application with lesson

  • Our exclusive silhouette analysis (with my Mom, Joann)

  • The audio book

  • Our V-Silk Hydrating Therapy

  • Your gift bag

  • PLUS $20.00 off a 60 minute massage.

What could cost you $1,100.00 or MORE is ON SALE until midnight CST, December 24th for just $495.00*.

Start 2015 on the right foot and take this opportunity now to STAGE YOUR COMEBACK or help those special women in your life stage theirs.

You’ll be so happy you did.

Happy Holidays from your Makeover Guy,

Christopher Hopkins

P.S. This offer is on sale until midnight CST December 24th, 2014, so act now while appointments are still available.

*There is no expiration date to use your gift, and you can book your makeover at your earliest convenience. Price does not include gratuities. You will receive instructions as to how to book your makeover. If you have any questions you can contact me here.

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MAKEOVER! New Job and Turning 50 by Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy®

Helen to drove all the way from the Pittsburgh area to the makeover team at reVamp! salonspa in Minneapolis for her makeover. Brittany Wenzel created a sunkissed ombre effect with her color using advanced hand painting adding depth at the regrowth. Kami Kleven gave some anti aging makeup tips and I brought her hair up to shoulder length and created internal layers for extra volume. She really appreciated that we took women over 40 and helped make them into a fresh, updated, sexy women…for any age!

Helen: Helen

Christopher: Helen, where did you come in from today?

Helen: From the Pittsburgh area. I was doing some searches and I was really impressed with your website and all the transformational pictures.

Brittany: We are kind of doing kind of an ombre kind of feel but it’s going to be very sun kissed. We’re going to darken her top a little bit but it’s going to be very beautiful. It’s going to fit her personality. Looks great. We’re just about to tone her.

Christopher: Oh.

Kami: You can use a darker color around the outer edges, this will make you look really younger having more color. This is called “Latte” (Jayne Iredale), it’s so pretty.

Helen: I really appreciate the that you took women my age, just ordinary women and make them look so extraordinary. I’m looking to be changing jobs here in the very near future and I’ll be turning fifty in April.

I think it’s wonderful, I’m so happy. Thank you so much.

I don’t like super short hair but other than that I’m really open to to listen to everyone’s suggestions.

I thought it would be a a lot shorter and I love the color.

I just want to bring everyone I know here. I definitely want to come back for more too.

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MAKEOVER! Thin Fine Hair and a Small Head


Joyce Murphy.

And Joyce how did you hear about us?

Um, my coworker gave me a great birthday gift.

Joyce from Hastings.

You’re really old.

Old! Flabby.

Class of ’82?


Well there you have it.

There it is.

Why do we even show up in the morning?

She wants to fade into the woodwork and have not have anybody notice her.

Me too.

We already did the silhouette.

Well, I like my length.

Of course.

I think I put that on there.

OK. Well there you have it.

Because it’s so thin I don’t feel like shorter styles would me any better.

She’s wrong. But it’s okay.

It will be dark into here and then light.

And even a level seven, eight? I could do eight so we don’t freak out too much.

Like this somehow?

That’s better.

See how the length comes up like that it looks better than this?

Today I’m Joyce we are adding a little bit of depth and cooling off her color to make it more neutral.

We are going to do a lot of hand painting so it looks very natural and the regrowth will be really nice and easy to maintain.

What I have to do is not take your anxiety into myself because then I do not as good a job and I have to cut to make you look good.
We’re doing the whole lid with the all over light color. And this just evens out all of the skin tones and breaks it all up but using a color that is good for your eye color.

I just want a fresh new look and get out of this ’80’s hairdo that I’ve had forever.

I love my new look. Love it. Love the volume, the color, everything’s fabulous. I love it!

Really short short haircut.

Did you have a pixie when you were younger?

I did! My mother kept me in a Pixie all the time.

We’re creating a little volume.

Look at that! Volume!

I’m just amazed.

Holy head of hair, I can’t believe it!

You look very pretty. Do we agree now that you look very pretty? You can say it.

Ok. I feel pretty.


Look at you! Fabulous. Do you love it?

Yeah. Do you like the color?

I love the color. I love the cut. I think you look spectacular.

He is going to say “You look beautiful!”

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Finding Your Bliss Unexpected Ways

A bit off topic, perhaps, but I am excited to attend the Minnesota Orchestra this weekend and see my good friend Eiji Oue conducting. I met Eiji when he came in for a haircut many years ago when he was the director of the MInnesota Orchestra. Before entering the beauty business, I started my life journey as a music major at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota.

I had entered St. Olaf with excitement and anticipation. FINALLY I’d be out of small town rural farm country Minnesota and in college, where I’d suddenly blend in and find like minded souls. In truth I had only traveled two hours east to another small town in the country. I chose St. Olaf because, aside from it being a stellar music college everyone looked “preppy.” Plaid pleated skirts with peter pan collared blouses and adorable ribbons in their hair the girls were just as I imagined in those Hollywood musicals. Having read the “Preppy Handbook” cover to cover, I had been preparing since my sophomore year in high school the cocksure attitude of the ultimate preppy. Off I went that fall of 1982 in my Kelly green cotton trousers, matching polo (collar up), canary cable knit over my shoulders, and of course, the requisite boat shoes sans socks. Even aptly attired, I didn’t fit in. I felt lonely, isolated, intimidated and uncomfortable and I couldn’t “find my peeps.”

The following summer I finally met my peeps at the Many Glacier Hotel in Glacier National Park. I started my sophomore year determined to be a new man. I grew a beard, permed my mullet and, shocking I know, smoked cigarettes. Players. Black box. I lived off campus and had my own car. A dark brunette shielded with bronzer and bravado, I bore little resemblence to my fellow well-scrubbed Scandinavian student body.

To this day, if you happen to catch on youtube the PBS presentation of the 1983  St. Olaf Christmas Festival you will find me appearing like “Where’s Waldo?” standing out from the mass blonde and fluffy haired chorus like a strangely shiny Afro-Midwesterner with big white teeth.

The point I’m arriving at is I quit and moved to Minneapolis where I was hired as a professional singer/dancer. After a few years I attended beauty school “for something to fall back on.” In my early 30’s, when I began to fear I’d never live my dream to sing on stage (my first mid life crisis, I call it) Eiji was referred to me for a haircut. He heard me sing, had me audition for the decision makers and as a result I had the opportunity to do what I only dreamed could happen while attending St. Olaf.

I was recently interviewed on Minnesota Public Radio and for once it was not about beauty tips. It was a culmination of the part of me I rarely have the opportunity to share. Here’s the interview.

At this juncture I’m happy to say that when you find yourself your people you can’t help but find your bliss. I’m so grateful to you who help me continue to share what I know and continue to learn. I so and appreciate your kind responses.

Isn’t life grand?


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A Gallery Of Life Changing Makeovers!

photo 2 photo 1 photo photo photo picstitch photo photo 1 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1 photo photo photo photo photo 3 photo 2 photo 1 IMG_0744 IMG_0747 IMG_0748 IMG_0548 IMG_0547 IMG_0549 IMG_0550 IMG_0445 IMG_0444 IMG_0443 IMG_0442 IMG_0461

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Mother’s Day Makeover Gallery

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MAKEOVER! I Look Like Me! by Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy

Terese flew in from Nashville and at 61 wanted a BIG change. So that’s exactly what we did. Amy Goulette, one of the countries leading makeup artists helped draw her wide set eyes in with brows and liner, plus contouring. Margaret Bodensteiner, lead colorist at reVamp! salonspa in Minneapolis, created the perfect red. In the end we all agreed, this was one of our favorite makeovers ever.

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Organized. How Quickly Clear Your Closet Clutter

When I wrote this step-by-step closet cleaning system for my book “Staging Your Comeback,” I didn’t realize it would lead to days of “research” as I attempted to streamline the process for myself. What a mess I had. And what emotional angst discarding beautiful, designer clothes that had nothing wrong with them. But they were obviously dated. And even if they might come back in style it would scream time stamp on someone who wore it when.

Letting go of the past allows us to move forward and flowers can’t flourish in a weed filled garden.

An organized closet helps organize your life.

An organized closet helps organize your life.

So let’s do it!

First, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Note paper and pen, or electronic tablet
  • 6 Large plastic bags
  • Stick on labels
  • Collapsible rolling rack (optional)
  • Full length mirror
  • Hand mirror (for the back shots, of course)

Step One:  Create your space. Put on some beautiful relaxing music, make a cup of tea, and create a positive energy of change and improvement.

Step Two: Label your bags; Charity, Trash, Friends/Family, Alterations, Cleaners and Undecided

Step Three: Clear out the clutter. I prefer to do things in sections. Trouser, shirts, jackets, suits, shoes and so on. Take each section, place on your bed then move to step four.

Step Four: Try on each garment and examine in the full length mirror.

Step Five: Ask yourself the following questions (and be honest)!


  • YES:  if it needs alterations or cleaning put it in the alterations or cleaning bag. If not put it back in the closet.
  • NO: Put it in the Charity, Friends/Family or Trash.
  • I’M NOT SURE: Sometimes you don’t love it, but it suits a purpose. Put those items in in the undecided bag and leave it until later. (I also call it the procrastination bag).


  • YES: Put it back in the closet.
  • NO: If it can be altered to fit or flatter put it in the alterations bag. If not put it in the Charity, Friends/Family, or Trash.
  • I’M NOT SURE:  sometimes a garment doesn’t fit or flatter but you can’t let go. Put it in the “undecided” bag.


  • YES: If it doesn’t need alterations or cleaning, put it back in the closet.
  • NO: Does it fit an alternate you? Vacation wear? A theme or costume party? If not. You know where to put it.
  • I’M NOT SURE: Undecided bag.

4.  HAVE I OUTGROWN THIS? (Is it appropriate for my accumulated wisdom, experience and good taste?)

  • YES:  Be honest. It’s difficult, but if you feel at all like this may have worked a few years ago, but you’d rather not risk looking desperate or dated get RID of it!
  • NO: If you feel confident that from all angles represents you and your life experience with pride, INTO THE CLOSET!
  • I’m Not Sure: If you squint and can imagine if you lost that weight or maybe you’re being too hard on yourself ask yourself this. Do you feel 100 percent confident in it? Still can’t decide?  Undecided pile. You may have to enlist the eye of a friend who can be brutally honest.


  • YES: If it doesn’t need alterations or cleaning, put it back in the closet.
  • NO: If it’s a trend that says 5 or more years ago. Ta Ta. That was then.
  • I’M NOT SURE. Give it away anyway. Your undecided pile is becoming it’s own project.

Step Six: Analyze your undecided pile. Ask yourself some serious questions as to why you’re hanging on. If you haven’t worn an item because it goes with nothing, note on paper or e-tablet what you need to make it an outfit and start a shopping list.

Step Seven: Archive anything you just can’t give up. Put it in a box, label it and give it an expiration date of two years, noted on the box. If it turns out you’ve still not worn or missed any items by the expiration date, let them go.

Step Eight: Once you have gone through the process with all the items in your closet, move on to your drawers and do it again. Repeat with accessories.

Step Nine:  Take your alterations to the tailor, your shoes to the cobbler, and any jewelry that needs repairing to a jeweler.

Step Ten: Take the soiled laundry to the cleaner. Give your family and friend their new hand-me-downs. Donate your charity bag and discard your trash bag.

PHEW!  What a relief!  Don’t you feel better just reading that?  Imagine how you feel when you DO it?  Here’s a thought.  While you’re inspired, why not just do one simple thing right now?  Before you do anything else, right now collect the items from the “What You’ll Need” list. Put them in place.

The beginning of a thousand miles begins with just one step. You’ve already made it, you’re here, at the end. Print this off. Give yourself a date on your calendar and commit. Make it fun, exciting, thought provoking, whatever. Any time you clean out the clutter your mind clears, the future looks brighter, and hope and possibility fills your mind. How’s that for a no cost project that inspires and improves your entire life?

Cheers to the new, fresh, motivated, organized and forward thinking you!

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MAKEOVER! Thinning Fine Hair

Sue wanted a change. She had worn her hair basically the same all of her adult life. She also doesn’t want to spend much time fixing it.

I showed her that she actually had natural curl, but no protien structure to support it. Thus “no body.” We added protein and let it air dry, then touched up the ends with a thermal iron. We also added a fringe (bangs) which are more youthful and while keeping the length. Another option would be very short. But she wanted to be able to “go back” if needed, since her daughter was getting married in a few months.

We kept the makeup natural, and just evened out the complexion bringing the eyeliner from the lower lid to the upper to lift the eyes.

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