MAKEOVER: “I Love Short Hair and Feel Like Me Again,” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy®

Kelly had been growing her hair out for a few reasons. One she had breast cancer and had gone through Chemo and short hair reminded her of that. Addionally her family encouraged her to wear it longer. She just didn’t seem like a long hair person to me. Chelsea Baers popped some stronger blond streaks around the face and toned out the yellow. Kami Kleven offered some great tips on how to keep eyeliner from smudging. I created an asymetrical look that I think brings out her sassy personality.

My name’s Kelly. Colorado.
It was long and then I went to kindergarten and told my mom I wanted a pixie cut so I have this tendency towards short hair. I have always this dilemma of how long to wear my hair because I feel really good in it short. I feel free and like myself and all that. But I also feel like I have a tendency to cut it just because I didn’t know what to do with it.
Yeah, I’m a little past that point.
Christopher: I think it’s adorable!
Robert: That’s a statement!
Kelly: Yeah I do actually want to make a little more statement.
Robert: So how do you feel about red hair?
Kelly: Maybe.
Speaker 4: Thick slices around the face to brighten up the face and then a more finer weave in the back to make it all blended and natural looking.
Kelly: It just was a great opportunity for me to come along.
I had breast cancer about five years ago and it made me think about my appearance a lot different because I lost all my hair and I lost my eyebrows and so I had to get really handy with a makeup brush.
Speaker 5: We are using the dark color eye shadow called “Double Espresso” to set the eyeliner. It goes into the lashes here so that the eyeliner that we put on will not smudge.
Kelly: I’m not really saying no to anything.
Robert: OK, good answer.
Kelly: For a while, I wore my hair longer because shorter hair was sort of reminding me of chemo hair.
Christopher: We grew up sort of … People had hair cuts.
Kelly: Yes.
Christopher: “Oh that’s a great haircut. Oh look at her haircut.” So people had cuts and that was something that was great. Now, it’s like, “Oh look how long her hair is, look how long her hair is.” So I just think you’re a cut person.
Kelly: They’ve all been telling me I should have long hair and I feel good in this! I feel like I sort of lost myself a little bit.
I feel like me again!

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MAKEOVER of the Week: “I Don’t Want to Scream Schoolteacher” by Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy®

Kris at 44 had very fine and thinning hair in the temple area. Yet it had good density in the back. Margaret Bodensteiner updated the classic blonde foil with a custom “hand painted” look to give her less regrowth and a more modern color. Kami Kleven showed Kris some fresh makeup tips including where to place blush. I inverted the cut and layered the front to appear more in balance with the back. Joann Hopkins did her silhouette and we think she’s adorable!

My name is Chris Johnson.
I’m Chris.
Christopher: Nice to meet you. Oh, you scream teacher!
Speaker 4: We’re hand painting instead of using a bunch of foils. We’re adding some low-lights to get her some dimension and have a really nice natural look of being a blonde rather than when it grows out, having that big regrowth.
Chris: I’m loving it. I think it’ll be a great change.
Christopher: You can divide the head into six different areas and make each one a little picture. Then you put all the picture together and you’ve got a haircut!
Speaker 5: This is just a natural area where your skin might flush anyways, so you don’t want it to be in a color that … Or an area that will not be complementary.
Chris: I would love look a little more younger, fresher. Kind of a new look. I’ve had the same hairstyle for a while.
It’s a big change. I used to have the longer hair and now it’s definitely shorter and a little bit darker but I love it.
Christopher: What’s really short to you?
Chris: Like up here.
I love the haircut with Christopher. That was just a fabulous experience. The way he’s able to look at my face and figure what would look good on me. Let’s try this and let’s take it up here a little bit further and I just thought that was a great experience.
By the end of the day everything’s just very droopy.
Christopher: It just looks like dead hair. It doesn’t look like a hair do.
Chris: Yup.
Christopher: The hair in this area forward is much more sparse than the the hair in the back.
Chris: I don’t scream school teacher, I don’t think.

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MAKEOVER: “Colleen Kruse Fix These Extensions!” by Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy®

Colleen Kruse is a local and national celebrity. Good times and bum times she’s seen them all, and my dear, she’s still here. I saw her in a show she produced and directed and was not sold on her extensions. I tried to gracefully tell her, well maybe not that gracefully, that we could fix the color and blend the extensions. Joelle Hicks toned the color and I dug my way through doing my best to make the extensions appear more natural. She’s a beauty inside and out no matter how you slice her. A comedienne extraordinaire, she seemed at a loss to pull out her one liners and felt, in the end, as beautiful as I know she is. A rare woman I have had the privilege to know.


Colleen: My name is Colleen Cruise. Well an angel sent from heaven above by the name of Christopher Hopkins.
Speaker 2: Saint Christopher.
Colleen: Saint Christopher. I actually have his medal in my purse, I keep it next to the hundred dollar bills. Saint Christopher.
Christopher: How are you?
Colleen: I’m great, how are you?
Christopher: Are they making you extra special beautiful at the moment. Come with me, let’s do some more. Oh I’ve been doing make up forever.
Colleen: Oh you’re doing my makeup?
Christopher: Um hmm.
Colleen: I would have washed my face. Very, very excited.
Christopher: [inaudible 00:00:50] are you? Oh good. [inaudible 00:00:54]
Colleen: I don’t have anything smart alecky to say.
Christopher: That’s a good thing.
Speaker 2: That’s a first.
Colleen: I think he saw me on stage and took pity on me and said I think we can do better. I have some self-inflicted hair going on right now, I don’t know if you can see.
Speaker 2: I can see.
Colleen: Everybody can see. OK, everybody can see.
Christopher really is a, he’s really an artist.
I did get these hair extensions so I would like to keep as much length as I possibly can but I would like them to look more like hair that is growing out of my scalp. I’ve seen it on TV, you know Beyonce that doesn’t grow out of her scalp.
I knew it was going to be great and it’s even better than I thought it would be.
Do I do this?
Thank you so much.
Speaker 2: Until we do more, right?

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MAKEOVER: Casual and Natural by Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy

Debbie was growing her hair out for her daughter’s wedding and didn’t want to lose much length. So I buzzed it off into a crew cut. Kidding. The kick in this makeover was the creative haircoloring with hand painting and a darker nape. The makeup by Amy Goulet helped her look more dewy and fresh and still fit her casual lifestyle. A fun gal.

Debbie: Debbie, Kimball, Minnesota.
This is the longest my hair has been in 25 years. I used to always wear it short. It’s amazing. I felt pampered and listened to, it was good. I have a daughter getting married in January and she really likes my hair long, so she doesn’t want me to get it cut back short. I just need a style I can work with, now that I’ve got all this hair.
You dry, you just flip this with a brush. That’s it. Wow.
Hairstylist: I did it more like … Use your blow dryer like this.
Debbie: I’m 52 years old, and I’ve never done anything like this. I thought, why not? At may age, if you can look younger, that’s a bonus. The makeup tips that they gave me were awesome. Easy things, not very time consuming. That’s the main thing.
Speaker 4: Get your highlighter and just tap that on the top. This is just going to make it look like your skin’s very dewy and fresh.
Debbie: Dewy and fresh. Wow.
Camera Man: Look at that.
Speaker 4: When you turn, you’ll see some luminous, but it doesn’t settle.
Debbie: Okay. Just open for something that’s easy, fits my lifestyle.
Camera Man: But then you’re going to be doing this every day when you wake up right?
Debbie: No not every day, but if I leave the house. Some days I won’t leave the house.
Camera Man: You never know.
Debbie: You never know, but if the mail man-
Camera Man: Absolutely.
Debbie: The UPS guy; he’s a younger one now.
Camera Man: Okay, well absolutely.
Debbie: I think there’s potential.

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MAKEOVER: A Family Affair! by Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy®

After Dawn bought my book, she was determined to make it all the way from Alaska. She did better than that; she bought makeovers for her two daughters and her mother! The four of them spent the day at reVamp! salonspa in MInneapolis. Four distinct personalities; I finally got Geri, Dawn’s mom to give in just every so slightly on revealing some personality. Miriam was a little bit the pensive teen and Julian was ready for anything.

Here’s the transcript from the video:
Robert: And Dawn where’d you come in from today?
Dawn: From half way between Palmer and Wasilla, Alaska.
Miriam: Miriam.
Robert: And Miriam where are you from?
Miriam: I’m from Alaska.
Jillian: My names Jillian.
Robert: And Jillian where did you come in from today?
Jillian: I’m from Austin, Texas also really from Alaska but I moved to Austin a little under a year ago.
Jerri: Jerri.
Robert: And Jerri where did you come in from today?
Jerri: Phoenix.
Christopher: You and two daughters, there’s three?
Speaker 7: And mother.
Dawn: Yes.
Christopher: Oh, OK.
Speaker 7: But she’s not here.
Christopher: Oh, OK.
Miriam? What a great name! You’re everything, you’re nuts.
Speaker 8: She’s never been in a salon.
Christopher: Oh really?
Speaker 8: She’s always done her own hair.
Christopher: Oh! Well can I make you beautiful?
Miriam: Yeah.
Christopher: Like Daryl Hannah.
Robert: Oh yeah, absolutely. Daryl Hannah.
Speaker 9: Blonde!
Robert: Good reaction Miriam!
Miriam: That I look better when it’s over.
Robert: OK.
Miriam: I just like the way they styled it.
I don’t want my hair to be two inches.
Robert: OK.
Speaker 10: Hey!
Jillian: I feel like my colors kind of bland. I’d like more dimension and maybe some different high-lighting or low-lighting in it.
I love the color a lot more. There’s no more dead ends.
Robert: Phoenix, Arizona. Is that where you’re originally from?
Jerri: No.
Robert: OK.
Christopher: You’ve got great hair! What do you normally do to style it? Has it grown out somewhat?
Jerri: I don’t do anything. I comb it!
I want a hairstyle that is very easy to take care of.
Christopher: Normally it’s just short?
Robert: OK. Is there anything that’s warranting your makeover today?
Jerri: No.
I like it. I just hope I can keep it up!
Dawn: I just want to look better when I leave than when I came here.
Robert: OK.
Dawn: I am so happy. It does not look like I cut it myself.
This is cool because I like edgy.
My favorite part was watching my mom and my daughters. Their makeovers because they really deserve to have that. Yeah, that was my favorite part.


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Empathy & Irony: My offer to make over Kim Davis, Kentucky clerk

Are you wondering what possessed me to offer a complimentary makeover to Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk jailed because she refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses under court order? You may be surprised by my reasoning! Click here or on the photo for the story, as published recently in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 2.19.37 PM


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MAKEOVER: I Feel Invisible, by Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy®

My name is Lynn Dirk.
Robert: Lynn, where did you come in from today?
Lynn: I came in from Dickinson, North Dakota.
I dry it as fast as I can and then let towels take over, then I use a big fat curling iron and kind of …
Christopher: Try to smooth it.
Lynn: Have my way with it. I’ve had this style for 15 years or so and I was looking on the internet, on Youtube at different styles and then I ran across The Makeover Guy and was mesmerized.
I’m getting used to it. When you’ve worn the same style for 15 or 20 years it takes a little time for your mind to get around it.
Before I made the makeover it was basically just feeling invisible.
I love working with my natural curl.
You get to a certain age. I’m 57. I just feel invisible.
I love the color, love everybody here, and was treated wonderful. It’s been comfortable all day and really have had an enjoyable time.
I do. I just want to look my best. I’m kind of embarking on a healthier lifestyle and I think when you look better you feel better.
Christopher: She’s adjusting right?
Lynn: I’m adjusting, yeah.
Christopher: She’s had her hair straight for …
Lynn: My whole life.
Christopher: This is her natural curls.
Lynn: Since they’ve invented blow-dryers.
Christopher: She’s not sure and I’m trying to convince her, but everyone go “Yay!”
Lynn: I don’t know why but he’s madly in love with me 25 years after we’ve met still, so I think it wouldn’t matter to him what I did to my hair, but I think he’s doing to like it. He’ll say it’s so different. But he’ll like it.
Speaker 4: Different, but I like it. Do you like it?
Lynn: Yeah, I’m getting used to it.
Robert: Feel it. Touch it.
Lynn: This is all my natural curl. I told him you don’t like that my hair is always hard as a rock.
Speaker 4: Good. [00:02:00]

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MAKEOVER: Blonde to Red

Hi. My name is Brooke. I’m in from a little town in Michigan, right outside Ann Arbor.

Christopher:            What are you hoping for? I mean, I have things that I can … visuals that would be … It depends on which change [inaudible 00:00:18], if you want to do something different.

Brooke:            Just a new, fresh look. My colors are warm. I really only wear warm colors.

Christopher:            Can we go a little more strawberry?

Brooke:            Yeah, that’s fine.

I came across some of Christopher’s videos on Youtube. I checked out his book, too.

I really like it.

Just to come out with a new fresh look. It’s how thorough everyone was. Not that that’s a surprise for this salon, but it was just a nice way to be treated. Trying to keep up with the change in age, you know.

It’s wide open possibilities, just to see what Christopher has in mind. Thank you so much.


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MAKEOVER: I Want To Feel Better

Robert (behind camera):            Hi, what’s your name?

Jean:            Jean Mahone.

Robert (behind camera):            Jean, where did you come in from today?

Jean:            From Prior Lake.

Jean:            I feel old. I am old. I look old.

Christopher:            Okay, well we’ll change that.

Speaker 4:            I think we can pretty much match her brunette up to cover that up, but put a lot of foils in so it’s more of a softer brown all over.

We covered up her sparkle section with a medium brown.

Robert (behind camera):            The sparkle is what?

Speaker 4:            Her grays.

Jean:            I feel old. I look old. I want to feel better. Margaret, and the coloring and the time it took for her and Christopher to decide and then Christopher had to play with the hair to decide what it was going to do. Then the effects of the makeup is just wonderful.

I don’t spend as much time on it as I should. It will be fun maybe paying a little more attention to myself. Thank you.

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MAKEOVER: Choppy layered Blonde.

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